4-Career-Change...Your Career Change Advocate

Dear Friend, Really Ready for a Career Change,

4-Career-Change. Starting Over. Is the thought of changing careers scarey to you?

It doesn't have to be...But first know that you are not alone.

Here are the facts:

  • According to some figures, nationally, over 8 million jobs have been lost since the beginning this "deep recession."
  • Because of the aging population, there are simply more "seasoned" workers today (and more getting laid off)
  • Workers over 50 take nearly twice as long to find a new job

If it never was true before, it certainly is now "Self-Help" time.

But even self-help types need guidance. At 4-Career-Change, we're at your side to help you to navigate the career change game. You have questions--we have answers.

So what is 4careerchange? It's a website dedicated to help you, the over 40 worker, find career career success. Find passion and direction, write a new chapter for your life, create your own baby boomer business. We're dedicated to all things career midlife.

There is a clear distinction between finding any job and a making a beneficial career move. Even moreso in your 40s, 50s and beyond. You know yourself now. You also know that successful career change is not something that just happens, but rather it's something that you make happen. Your midlife career change must have concrete meaning and relevance to you.

The Unsettling state for anyone making a Career Change Today

For the most part, changing jobs without a career plan is asking for trouble. Many end up more frustrated by the job search than by the downsizing.Click here to learn the realities facing many--specifically older workers-- who make an unthoughtout career change today.

Start over...But Don't Start Without a plan...

Do you need career change help? Here is a quick self test for you. Think about your work life for the next five years. How will you make your living? Want to create a Career-Change-Strategy? Click here.

F. Scott Fitzgerald put our company's philosophy best:

"Vitality persists not just in the ability to persist, but in the ability to start over."

Yes, let's start over...But not at the bottom....

At 4-Career-Change, Find the Help You Need

You need practical "start-over"information to thrive in the new workforce. Find information on whatever part you need, including free downloading samples.

Oh, yes, there's room for you...You've landed on the right site!

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