Functional Resume Format - Logical Career Change Choice

Functional resume format is ideal for anyone who is making a career change and can be even more useful to someone making a career change midlife.


Because a functional resume format allows you to emphasize and highlight transferable skills in a manner suitable for a targeted hiring authority: You "summarize" the exact skills a hiring authority is seeking right at the top of your resume. In this "can't miss" manner, your reader is compelled to keep on reading.(Exactly what you want!)

A functional resume format is also ideal for an individual who would like to focus a reader's attention on a specific skill or something gathered outside of her normal working activities.

A good example would be recent computer training or certification your interviewer should know about. It allows you the ability to highlight a unique skill for an individual purpose. You can more readily match up skills and accomplishments the employer is seeking.

Functional resume format may be ideal if you are changing careers midlife.

Your best functional resume format should have five clearly outlined parts:

  • 1. Your career Objective
  • 2. A summary of your skills and abilities
  • 3. Employment History, listed chronologically
  • 4. Education/continuing education
  • 5. Professional Affiliations

Finally, the best practices for your functional resume format should highlight and summarize some of your specialize accomplishments specifically in their career industry. When your education or verifiable credentials in thier area, put that in your beginning summary, too. Don?t have the kind of credentials that would pop off a page?

Here then is an interesting example of a functional resume format:

View Accounting-Career-Change Sample

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